Through these eyes I've seen the shape of things to come...
Minimalist composition with maximum joy.
I love working at weddings, especially ones with razor sharp style and couples who live life full throttle.
Life goes by so fast
You only wanna do what you think is right
Close your eyes and it's past
Story of your life
I’m a photographer! I use a camera and a fierce work ethic to make things happen.
I’m known for getting right to the point….so I’ll get right to the point. I’m a Persian (like the cat and the rug)/Italian, punk rock loving’ camera chick with a mild obsession for straight lines and perfect composition. 
I take portraits and I like coffee in a glass (and vegan chocolate cakes); but I might be one of those humans who are extremely picky with their beverages.
What’s your style I hear you call…
IT IS NOT light and airy… NOT dark and moody.
It’s warm, authentic and honest with a romanesque elegance.
…And booking me as your photographer doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking experience...
reach for the stars