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H1: Destination Wedding Goals, Trieste, Italy

There are many reasons why you might be considering a destination wedding. Getting married in a more naturally beautiful location and in a better climate is certainly an attractive idea. You might also prefer a destination wedding to celebrate your special day with a few important guests, rather than a large group in your home country. If you partner is Italian, you might want to get married in Italy, to make it easier for their side of the family to attend. Trieste in Italy is a steeped in architecture and history and makes for a romantic Italian wedding backdrop. Read on to discover how one couple’s destination wedding took place in Trieste and would convince any bride-to-be to get married in Italy. 

H2: Debora & Giovanni’s Italian Wedding in Trieste

As a wedding photographer, I get to see plenty of destination weddings. From Scotland and Slovenia to Kent in the England, but I’ve got to admit Trieste in the North of Italy has got to be one of my favourite places to photograph. I spent my childhood growing up in Trieste and later relocated to Edinburgh. I am so grateful that I get to travel and attend destination weddings in my home country and in Trieste. 

Debora and Giovanni’s Italian wedding in Trieste was enchanting. From the moment I met this wonderful couple, I knew that they would make my job as a wedding photographer effortless. With style and sophistication, the wedding reception had a minimalist vibe and there was so much care and attention to detail. 

My favorite part of my job, is getting to know the happy couple and hearing their lifestory. With a passion for travel, and a love for comic books, this couple were ready to tie the knot in my hometown of Trieste. They choose a church wedding, which is always a pleasure to capture, and Formentini Castle in the hills of San Floriano for their wedding reception. Could it get any better! 

As I listened to their story, I couldn’t help but agree to stop at a gas station in Trieste for a coffee and to carry out a quick five minute photoshoot. I think you can tell by their wedding pictures that this setting truly reflects their sense of style. They revealed that they always stop at this particular gas station for a coffee and some cookies, on the way to the airport, and so it means so much to them. With this unique tradition in mind, the couple rocked this mini pre-wedding shoot.

During the wedding reception, the catering at Formentini Castle took good care of the guests, and when the bride and groom arrived, the party swung into action. The theme throughout this Italian wedding, of course, was travel but with a huge twist! To reflect their love for adventures, imagination and comic books, each table was named after a magical and mythological place such as Neverland, Thule and Eden. I completely fell in love with this design and unique concept.

Throughout the wedding there were smiles and laughter in abundance and even the rain stopped to let the sun shine down on the celebration. Debora and Giovanni’s Trieste wedding has got to be one of my favourites so far, and it was my honour to be their wedding photographer for the day. 

If you’re thinking of having an Italian wedding, feel free to take a look at Debora and Giovanni’s wedding in Trieste. 

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Photo album notes:

Italian wedding venue: Formentini Castle 

Wedding stationery: K-Copy Trieste

Second shooter: Flash Blesst