Arthur’s Seat – a hike on an extinct volcano

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What is more romantic than climbing Arthur’s Seat on Valentine day with your lovely partner?

The sweat, the red cheeks and nose, the strong wind and all the swears because you keep tripping on all the rocks!
I’m obviously joking! (No, but seriously…)

Yesterday, for the first time, we hiked together one of the most famous hills in Scotland, to enjoy the lovely day together and the breath-taking view over the city. Obviously breath-taking for the arduous hike to the highest point of the hill, while people going back down were falling and rolling down on their butts all around me!

Needless to say, the moment when we left the main road behind us and made few turns left, I felt like I was deep in the Highlands already.

I’m getting myself ready for round two! But first, here’s few random facts about Arthur’s seat:

Yes, it’s actually an extinct volcano! Erupted last around 350 million years ago.

The origins of the name are unknown. Some say because of King Arthur, that guy you might have heard of for the sword called Excalibur, the other Knights, a round table and a place called Camelot!

Legend says the hill is actually a sleeping dragon.

Arthur’s Seat has been featured in many books, including Frankenstein by Mary Shelley!

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